Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Money Issues

I am sorry I have not been in here much in the last couple of days. I have spent the last week packing and running up and down, trying to tie up loose ends as I get ready to leave this town that has been my home for the last four years. You don’t get to realize how much you have gotten attached to a place until you have to leave it. Now that I am getting ready to start school, I can’t help thinking of the familiarity of life that I am leaving behind.
This last week, I also realized that my finances are in a pretty sorry state. There are several reasons why this has me worried. One is the fact that I am moving to a new town to start graduate school and I don’t know what the cost of relocation is going to be. Two is the depressing thought that we don’t get our first paychecks until late September. Three is that every time I get email from my new department, it has to be about some orientation fee that we are required to pay that is not covered in the offer package. What is especially annoying about this is that some of these fees had been waived in the initial orientation package that the graduate school sent us. So it is like all over a sudden, when you are just thinking you have your budget figured out, you get this email telling you that you are supposed to cough out another extra couple of dollars. Why?!
Anyway, I hit the road tomorrow, early in the morning. I don’t have to check in till Friday so I plan on spending Wednesday night and Thursday visiting with a friend and his parents.

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